Tel Torah 020 8905 3770

Tel Torah has made the treasures of Torah, Chassidus and the learning of Daf Hayomi (Talmud) more accessible than ever before. The key to these treasures is in your hands, with your own touch tone telephone. Simply dial the number and a world of knowledge is open to you, at the cost of a local call.

There is both an English and Yiddish series available, complete with a menu of nine topics to choose from, in addition to a daily Daf Hayomi Shiur.

The subject matter varies from profound Chassidic insights to heart-warming stories and Chassidic Nigunim. From the weekly Torah portion, or a daily Shiur in Rambam, to an in-depth study of the Tanya, the fundamental work of Chabad Chassidus.

With a full menu like this, there is something for everyone. The computerised system enables callers to fully control their own lesson, with facilities to rewind, forward or pause the session according to one's individual speed and needs. One can also listen to previous lessons.

This service is available 24 hours a day, and has transmitted more than 400,000 classes since its inception in Summer of 1999.
Try it on 0208 905 3770 or 0845 120 9770!

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