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Shul Returning survey

  • Shul Returning survey - post Covid Tammuz 5780, June/July 2020

  • We hope that you remain safe and well during these challenging times.

    We would be delighted if you could please provide answers to the following questions.  We do need your name, so that we can know who has completed the form, and we would like detail of your age group so that we can gauge the replies from the relevant respondent groups.

    Please note that it is not one survey per household, but rather for each member of the household and family, and the more data and feedback we get, the better will be the information to consider across the whole community

  • Gender,
    So that when we also open Shabbos morning for Women & Children
    we know how many we are catering for

  • Once the Shul has opened, partially or otherwise, how often would you ideally prefer to go to Shul (assume that there has yet to be a vaccine to COVID 19 when answering the question)

  • Please let us know if you & your family are mixing with other families or 'Social distancing'

    if you are & they also attend Shul in the Chabad House, please list their names here, so that we may consider adding 'bubbles' together.

    if you are not mixing with other families, please write 'NONE' 

  • If you are interested in other Davening times, please list them here.

    if we get  enough interest we will try to accommodate

  • If numbers exceed capacity we can consider two options

    1. Alternate weeks for attendees 
    2. Alternate times on each Shabbos so we have more than one Minyan 

    Please select your preference 

  • Should be Empty:
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