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Discover your roots through Torah Study classes in a wide range of topics.
Take a Step Towards a More Jewishly Educated You
Why attend a Torah Class? More like why not?
Attending a Torah class at Lubavitch of Edgware is not just about finding out more about the Heritage of your People. It's not just about the interesting topics and discussions. It's not just about experiencing a whole new world with other people just like you. It's not even just about the sense of accomplishment.
It's got all of that, but more importantly-
It's about discovering yourself. 
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If group study is not for you, how about making a time to study one on one. Pick the topic of your choice, when and where you want to study and we'll provide a Rabbi to study it with you at your own pace to suit your own needs.
We're here for You
Whatever your question or query we'll do our best to answer. Just give the office a call on 0208 905 4141 or fill out a Contact us form: Contact us
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