Daily Coach Service

This service will only be available if there is sufficient interest.

Transport bus stops:

1. Golders Green Road, pick up on the corner of Limes Avenue, bus stop 'C' (In front of the Jewish Care Building), drop off on the other side of the main road, across from Jewish Care

2. Brent Street, pick up on the corner of Bell Lane bus stop 'F' (in front of The Pillar) , drop off across the main road by the bus stop 'L'

The coach will be manned by two of our staff. They will be wearing Gan Israel T-shirts for easy identification. One of them will carry a mobile phone which you can contact in the event that you are running late (but please avoid being late at all costs), or if the coach is running late.

The two venues we have hired are in Hendon and Mill Hill, the coach will only run if the coach is full.